How do you ensure that your organizational culture is future-proof? Thinking about cultural change usually results from a need to change. But what if set goals are exceeded and customers are very satisfied?

At Nh1816 Insurance they like to look ahead. A clear vision and distinct market approach have determined its success. Through personal attention to the customer, specifically choosing the private market and working with local financial advisers, Nh1816 Insurance has grown in recent years to become the market leader in the field of private non-life insurance. An organization that employees talk about with pride and feel at home in the West Frisian down-to-earth culture.

With the success came the growth. To make that growth possible, new talent from other regions was recruited and new generations entered the workplace. The very culture that helped determine the success of Nh1816 Insurance unintentionally and imperceptibly changed. Although pride and commitment are still felt strongly, management did see a potential threat in these changes to the future success of the organization.

Looking ahead is one thing, anticipating the future is another.

For that reason a culture program was initiated, facilitated by One2change. The main question was: How can we revitalize the culture involved, which contributes to the further success of Nh1816 Insurance?

With a fresh perspective and a thorough approach, the entire organization was examined. The culture process started with the General Management Team and the Operational Management Team. They have an exemplary role and therefore a major influence. Next employees, who know the organization well and have experienced the growth first-hand, were being involved .

During the sessions with the General Management Team and the Operational Management Team and through the interviews with employees, a clear picture of both the current and the desired culture, as well as the challenges arising from that gap, emerged. Together with the Operational Management Team, interventions were subsequently identified that will bring Nh1816 Insurance closer to its desired culture. Involving employees in the identification of interventions generated enthusiasm and engagement, which led to support and ownership.

The defined interventions are currently being implemented. Parts of this is reflected in the leadership program, which One2change facilitates in fall of 2019.

Starting with the main representative and influencers of company culture, providing insight and creating involvement and ownership are a characteristics of the approach of One2change. In addition, we always strive for sustainable changes. This is best achieved if an organization learns how to anchor and build on the change independently, after a period of support. duurzame veranderingen. Die bereik je het beste als een organisatie, na een periode van begeleiding, leert om de verandering zelfstandig vast te houden en verder te brengen.

To what extent do you look ahead? Do you know how future-proof your organizational culture is and how you can anticipate changes?

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