These typically are the months in which we make plans for the new year ahead. Performance Management is the process that can improve the effectiveness of your organization. It offers the opportunity to tie employees to their jobs and to commit employees to a larger plan.

Employees will feel involved, the collaboration between departments will improve and the organization becomes more efficient. It provides the unity needed to realize complex initiatives and to exceed customer expectations.

In order to achieve such positive results, connection between three levels is required: The employee, the team and the organization. Employees must feel a connection with their own values and motivations to effectively connect with the team. The stronger that connection is, the more they can feel connected to the lager entity, the organization.

By entering a dialogue about the strategy, letting employees discover what it means to them and translating it in their own words, connection and commitment are created.

Do you recognize these opportunities? Or is it primarily an instrumental process in your organization that focusses on deadlines? Either way, there is still profit to be gained! If you would like to exchange ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.