Do you recognize the following? A major organizational change is announced: “Things must change! If we won’t, we will lose our leading position in the market”. A change vision provides a glimpse in the future and explains the benefits for shareholders, employees as well as customers. With much diligence and sometimes even more manpower, a project organization is set up and after some months everything is ready; we are starting! But how often is it measured whether the intended benefits have been achieved and whether the interventions used have actually led to different behavior?

At BMN Building Materials they do. Since 2015 BMN Building Materials is the overarching name for all the Dutch branches of the former CRH Building Materials. With the name change, new strategic pillars have been introduced and a uniform way of working and culture are being pursued. The BMN Academy plays an important role in this transformation and offers a wide range of learning opportunities to empower employees and make them aware of the change impacts.

Now, two years later, One2change has been asked to map to what extent the intended change has been implemented within BMN Building Materials. Certainly an interesting investigation. The current situation has been compared to the desired situation. This research provided new insights and with the recommendations at hand BMN Building Materials is ready to enter the next phase.