In the beginning of April 2018 we kicked off the One Bank Learning project at Rabobank. The kick-off event, which took place in picturesque Bunnik, was the first time most learning leads worldwide met. During those days we determined the dot on the horizon. We would create an appealing environment where employees can actively develop their future skills. We wanted to simplify learning within Rabobank through one innovative learning system for all employees. Moreover, we would ensure a mature learning chain with harmonized processes and methods. Because change was needed desperately! At the time, learning within Rabobank was split due to the many fragmented tools, unclear processes and insufficient reporting possibilities.

Yesterday the moment had finally arrived! All content was collected and harmonized, new interfaces were built, data migrated, reports set up, the system configured, roles determined, administrative staff trained and the organization as a whole was prepared. After 15 months, Learning went live in Workday for the Netherlands! A wonderful milestone for the One Bank Learning project and a first step towards one way of learning for the entire bank!