An interview with Alice van Zurk and Pieter Weterings, written by Lara Altenstein-Fricke.

In the past, One2change has assisted BMN Building Materials with measuring the effectiveness van hun academie. Dit keer werden we gevraagd te ondersteunen bij het optimaliseren van het bestaande opleidingsaanbod en het ontwikkelen van een onboardingsprogramma voor nieuwe vestigingsmanagers. Begin februari 2019 is Alice van Zurk, L&D Consultant, aan de slag gegaan. Half september hebben we aan de hand van een interview met Pieter Weterings, Hoofd HR BMN Bouwmaterialen, terug geblikt op het traject.

Since July 2015, BMN Building Materials has been the overarching name for all branches of the former CRH Building Materials Group in the Netherlands. A uniform name called for a uniform approach to learning. That is why the BMN Academy was founded in the same year. The BMN Academy has two goals: to familiarize employees with the vision and culture of BMN Building Materials and to improve the career opportunities of employees, so that knowledge is retained within the organization.

For this project Alice first had to get acquainted with the organization and the different interests . She investigated which solutions could bring the BMN Academy one step closer to its vision. One learning line (brick-wall construction) was chosen as basis for the BMN Academy. For this learning line, a good basis has been laid out, an e-learning has been set up and a first best practice has been developed. A new onboarding program for new branch managers has also been developed. The results of the first tryouts look promising!

What was appreciated most about Alice's approach? "She keeps her focus on the people," says Pieter Weterings. She knows how to develop the right learning processes for employees. By continuously focusing on the people, putting their needs first and applying her knowledge and skills as a trainer she has been able to successfully support BMN Building Materials on their journey.

The steps that have now been taken are a good basis for the future of the BMN Academy. The developed learning line serves as an example for other learning lines, which helps the BMN Academy to keep accelerating in the future. In addition to new insights, this project has also led to tangible results that certainly can be traced back within BMN Building Materials for a number of years. Something that both client and consultant are proud of.

And how does BMN Building Materials look to the future?

Now that employees are better equipped to develop themselves, it is also important to look at a top-down focused follow-up and to examine leadership qualities. If employees can benefit from both good learning paths and effective leadership, BMN Building Materials is where they want to be. Pieter Weterings sees the vision for the future as the connection between these two facets. For that reason, a leadership program was launched in August 2019, which is also facilitated by One2change.

We are looking forward to our further cooperation with BMN Building Materials. Stay tuned!