Do you want to achieve the best results from a change that has been initiated?

Would you like to realize sustainable change in employee behavior?

Do you also want improved performance after the change has been fully implemented?


Resilient organizations can adapt to constant complex changes. They welcome change, have methods that help to realize it and have the competency to create support and commitment among employees. 


One2change helps you to realize this by

  • Developing a change strategy which is fit-for-purpose for the forthcoming transition and transformation;
  • Enabling and coaching an internal change management team;
  • Mapping the impact and stakeholders of the change (Change Impact Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis & Action Plan);
  • Creating awareness of and commitment to the change (communication strategy and planning, stakeholder management);
  • Preparing leadership skills (ownership, exemplary behavior, leading change);
  • Equipping people with the right gear for their new roles (Role Readiness, analysis of training needs, development of training materials, QRCs and work instructions, train-the-trainer, providing training, evaluation);


THE EFFECT: Support and commitment for change, adoption of new systems, optimization of use, better performance, greater customer satisfaction and a resilient organization.


One2change is the consulting firm that develops resilient people and organizations through teaching them how to effectively realize changes as well as changing the way people and organizations learn and develop. Through connection and boldness we achieve sustainable results


We help you with

  • Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Coaching

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