One2change is the consulting firm that develops resilient people and organizations through teaching them how to effectively realize changes as well as changing the way people and organizations learn and develop. Through connection and boldness we achieve sustainable results

One2change was founded in 2017 by Naomi van Loon. After a successful career with large international as well as smaller organizations, she wanted to stand on her own two feet. With her broad expertise and passion for development, she started following her dream.

For our clients we work together with internal and external consultants. In that sense we can deploy the right combination of knowledge and experience for every challenge. Together we work on increasing the learning and change capacity of people and organizations in order to develop resilience, which leads to improved organizational results.

These consultants contributed to the resilience of our customers:


Naomi van Loon
Learning & Change Consultant

Frank de Git
Trainer & Consultant

Lara Altenstein-Fricke
Learning & Change Consultant


Alice van Zurk
L&D Consultant

Sander Vloedgraven
HR(D) Consultant & Projectmanager

Manon Diepenmaat
Trainer & Consultant


Marieke Poortland
L&D Consultant


What we are aiming at

One2change is the go-to consultancy firm in the Netherlands for every organization that wants to learn and change in line with its essence with the goal to become more resilient and thus future-proof.

What characterizes us

We are equal, work holistically and act with compassion.

We stand for what we believe in, are open and honest and dare to be different.

We work towards long-term results, develop independence and create value.



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